Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for a visiting physician?

If you are homebound, the you are qualified through your insurance to see a visiting physician. For most insurances, you qualify as homebound if you need assistance, in the form of another person or mobility aid, to leave the home. This can be short-term, after a procedure, or long-term.

Will my insurance cover a visiting physician?

If AVP accepts your insurance, and you make it through the approval process, then the cost of a visit from AVP will be the same as your co-payment for a normal office visit.

What insurances do you take?

Check out the insurances that we take here.

How soon can I be approved to be seen?

There is a 3 step process that new patients go through when they submit a referral. Most patients are scheduled within 5 business days.

What kind of services can you provide in the home?

You can check all of the services that Advance Visiting Physicians can provide here.