The Advance Visiting Physician's Family



The intake  department at Advance Visiting Physicians obtains the referrals from hospital discharge planners, home cares, or the patient themselves. They verify that the patient is in our service area, and that we accept their insurance.


The scheduling department at Advance Visiting Physicians  get the accepted patients from Intake, and divide them up by zone. This allows us to see patients that are close to one another, and get patients seen in a timely matter.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance department makes sure that the different departments of AVP are running as they should, and we are providing the best care possible to our patients.


The marketing department is responsible for increasing the patient census, and creating greater brand awareness for Advance Visiting Physicians.

Medical Assistants

The Medical Assistants are a vital department of AVP. They drive the doctors to the patients, and help the doctor in any way that they need in order to provide the best care. They also help gather all of the diagnostic testing for our patients. 


the Physicians at AVP are vitally important to getting the patient the best quality care.  The doctors prescribe medications, order diagnostic testing, and help get the patient back to health.